Monday, February 24, 2014

For Starters

For starters, I was born in a town called Liberal located in Kansas in the evening of July fifth. I have a brother who is five years older than me but was in a severe car accident which killed his father and gave him a brain injury. He is basically like an overgrown baby. He can't do many tasks for himself and really wasn't supposed to make through the night and is now going to be 24 in a week. Why is his disability important to my story? I have grown up caring for him and putting myself aside for his benefit. I have also not had a discomfort of people like him. I can adjust to other types of people.
    I grew up without a dad for the first 3 years of my life since my father left. Now don't get me wrong I am not downing on my biological father because he left. He made a decision and moved on. My mom eventually remarried and at the age of 3 almost 4 my baby sister was born. I was so excited for a sister because well I don't really know. I just wanted one so bad and my sister became my life size babydoll. She was precious to me and still is at most times. A year later my brother was born. I am a proud big sister and not quite ready to leave them in a few months.
    Fast forward a few years and I am starting "School" I was homeschooled and actually was learning since I was four. I am a big reader and I love to learn. Am I learning much now? No honestly my senior year has been kind of blah, but I am working to create a business in which I am constantly learning something. Back to the homeschooling; I started to slack off and my mom was busy with my younger siblings, so I had to start school. My parents sent me to a Catholic school in town and I was there for a semester of 3rd grade and a semester of 4th before I was switched. During my time at the private school I was under a lot of bullying and was picked on so much. When I switched to public school I had much more fun and the people were nicer. I was able to stand up and be friends with a lot of people.
     Here is a fact about me; I am a people person. I absolutely love to be around people and to help other people out. My grandparents always remind me of this time when I was 4 and my great grandma died. At the funeral I was sitting next to my grandparents and patting their hands and saying it would be alright and that God is helping them. This sort of personality has held over and is just natural in me. This is why I want to go into business to help others and to make new friends. Because, I would rather have a million friends than a million dollars.
     For today I am going to call it good. I will pick my story up tomorrow and keep you updated on stories.

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